Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Going home to the cows!

This weekend I will be going home for Easter weekend! I am so excited because I will get a chance to look through the cows and calves! The babies are about 2-3 months old now and are growing!  We have one set of twins, a heifer and bull calf (girl and boy), they were about 45 pounds when they were born.  An average calf is usually about 70 pounds, so they were very small at birth.  I will take pictures of the babies when I am at home and post them!

We will also be artificially inseminating the cows this weekend.  We do this because it gives us the opportunity to expand and improve our genetics by breeding to bulls that we would not be able to buy and use as natural service sires.  The process is very similar to in-vitro fertilization in humans.

Hope everyone has a great Easter and gets to spend some time with their family!

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Rhonda said...

the weather is absolutely gorgeoust today, lyndi! hope it's as nice this weekend when you're home. emma and i just came in from a walk - went to see the calves...they're basking in the sunshine!