Friday, January 28, 2011

New adventures in the life of Lyndi…

I have always been one to try new things and I feel like I have had many firsts over the last year:

  • I have bought my first “real” camera and fallen in love with the world or photography. 
  • I moved myself into a new house without the help of my mom. She  is a professional mover and even though I was proud of myself for dominating this task by myself, I have an enormous amount of respect for her moving our entire family several times over the course of my life.
  • I learned how to palpate cows to see if they are pregnant or not. This is actually quite fascinating…believe it or not!

My current “first” is my new friend Jack.  Jack is a seven year old horse that I am learning how to ride once a week! Even though I grew up around cattle, my family doesn’t own any horses. Whenever we move cattle we use four wheelers to make sure they stay together and none of them wonder off.  In March, I will be going to Nebraska to do an internship with Heartland Cattle Company, a cattle operation that primarily works with feeding and breeding heifers for producers across the country.  My goal behind the horse lessons is to learn basic management, handling, and riding skills  before I go to Nebraska.  So far I have learned how to clean Jack’s hooves, put his saddle on, lunge him (make Jack trot in circles so he can warm up before I ride him), and trot around the arena with Jack following my commands.

I will try to post a picture of me and Jack after my next lesson on Monday!

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Rhonda said...

i'm ready to come see your new so proud of your "firsts". today there was a new calf born....sorry, i didn't even think of getting the camera! i saw her shortly after she was born as she was taking her first steps. it's amazing just after a few hours, she's trying to run and play! the new mother kept talking to her little one trying to keep her new charge close by.....just precious. the sw kansas weather is gorgeous today....the perfect day for a calf to be ya, mom