Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This was found in the Cosmopolitan magazine…all I have to say is Toby Amidor is my hero!  We need more good, positive publicity like this that tells people the true story about beef!

Did you know there are 29 lean cuts of beef? Many of them you have probably heard of….T-bone steak, flank steak, sirloin steak?? Ring a bell? Did you know that ground beef (hamburger meat) that is 95% lean qualifies as one of the lean cuts of beef??

When you go to the grocery store and stand at the meat counter, it can be a very overwhelming purchasing experience. There are so many different cuts and options…how do you know what to buy?

This website contains information about beef in general.   The specific link I have posted contains a downloadable, lean cuts wallet card. This is a pretty neat tool and can really take the confusion out of purchasing beef!

Hope you find this helpful!



Robby K said...

so glad i could help you out with my phone's excellent photography skills! :)

great posting lyndi!

Lyndi said...

I should have added..."Photo complements of Robin Kleine." :) THANK YOU for finding that!

crystal.cattle said...

Excellent post! Did you know than another easy way to find the 29 lean cuts is to look for loin in the name.