Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 Beefin' up the Bulldogs

Beefin' up the Bulldogs is an annual event hosted by the Mississippi Cattleman's Association and the MSU Animal and Dairy Sciences Department. The MSU football team comes to a location on campus where they are fed a steak dinner and have the opportunity to learn a little about agriculture. Following the dinner, which by the way consisted of 230 steaks (that's a lot of beef!), the players enjoyed some MSU ice cream and went outdoors for a hay bale toss competition and an opportunity to meet a cow from the MSU dairy. I think the dairy cow was by far the biggest hit! Here are some pictures from tonight...
President and Vice President of the MSU Collegiate Cattleman

Players enjoying their steak dinner with Coach Mullens.

Volunteers from MSU ADS department...

Hay bale toss!

The milk cow from MSU dairy...

The two cutest little girls talking to the milk cow!

I think it's safe to say everyone enjoyed meeting the cow!

Thanks to Finley White for taking pictures tonight!

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Janet said...

Looks like fun! Bet you met some great people!!