Friday, December 14, 2012

It's already December?

Where does the time go? This semester has FLOWN's hard to believe finals week is over and the town is beginning to slow down. My semester has been filled to the max with submitting research abstracts in October, judging youth livestock shows, helping with a variety of extension events, working on my theses project, and writing! I have still managed to find a little "me" time in all of that and have taken up a new hobby - knitting. The Boy's and all the guys in the office response was, "Isn't that what old people do?" and "Can't you just go buy that stuff instead of making it?". They clearly don't appreciate the therapeutic aspect of my hobby! I'll be posting pics of my latest projects over the holidays. I'm hoping to get all the knitting out of my system by the time I get back to school in January...I will need to set it on the shelf for awhile!
Last weekend, I got to meet my parents in Nashville and it was an absolute blast! My dad had meetings to attend so while he was busy learning about electricity we were shopping and doing "girl" things. They stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel which was gorgeous during the holiday season with all the Christmas decorations. We also ate a pretty amazing steak at the Nashville Stockyard Steakhouse... Here are some pics from the trip!

I don't understand why people say we resemble each other.... haha

Aren't they cute? Walking downtown when they first arrived...

Dad and I after eating that amazing steak!


The perfect shopping snack! Mom and I love some good coffee and sweets.

I'm so thankful for these two people!

Mom and I found some livestock in the hotel....

Mom was really impressed with his guitar skills....

This is my favorite...have you ever seen a tree that big? It was absolutely gorgeous!

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