Monday, January 14, 2013

Nothing like starting out with a bang!

Today is week two of my FINAL semester of graduate school and man did it start out in full swing! I have been busy trying (keyword-those of you who have worked with the program SAS understand!) to run the statistics for my thesis research project, write, prepare presentations for a meeting in Orlando in February, and stay sane in the meantime!
In the midst of all the craziness, I still try to find time for a little fun, if nothing else to de-stress from all the previously mentioned activities! A fellow K-Stater moved to Mississippi to begin her graduate career this semester...I was thrilled to death! :) The more purple in MS the better right? This weekend I had the privilege of judging a county fair livestock show in NW MS and my KSU pal rode was awfully nice to have a travel buddy!
I apologize if this post is a little mumbo jumbo...I'm writing on the campus shuttle coming back from visiting with the Intro to Animal Science class about a new club on campus. It's an agriculture advocacy club aimed at spreading the word about Ag. and teaching university students how to continue to be an advocate after they graduate. I'm pretty excited about it! I will have to write more about this at a later date!
Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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