Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sharing the story of BEEF

Yesterday afternoon four KSU Collegiate CattleWomen girls and myself went to a Spring Fair in Clay Center, KS to promote beef! The building was full of different types of booths, everything from cabinetry to cakes, but you could smell the delicious smell of steak cooking from the front doors!

On the menu was thinly sliced top round steak marinaded in Daddy Hinkle’s instant marinade, all of which was purchased from our local Ray’s Apple Market.  It was wonderful and so easy to prepare!

(Pictured below is KSU freshman Lauren Geiger who is majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine.  Lauren is from NW Missouri where her family raises purebred Angus cattle.)



1. Place thinly sliced steak in electric skillet on 200-250 degrees.

2. Lightly sprinkle some of Daddy Hinkle’s instant wet marinade onto the meat, followed by D.H. dry marinade.

3. Cook for 2-4 minutes until meat is cooked all the way though and is at 160 degrees.

4. Serve over rice, as fajitas, or even on top of a salad!

Here are some beef facts that we shared with the people who visited our booth:

  • Beef is a nutritionally dense product that is full of nutrients including zinc, iron, protein and B-vitamins.
  • ZINC is a nutrient that you probably don’t think about very much, but your body needs it for things like growth and development, maintenance of your immune system, wound healing and appetite control.
    • A 3oz. serving of beef contains as much zinc as            11 2/3 (3 oz.) servings of tuna meat!
  • IRON helps in carrying oxygen to body cells and tissues, making new red blood cells, aids in brain development and supports the immune system- all to keep you healthy.
    • A 3oz. serving of beef contains as much iron as 3 cups of raw spinach!
  • PROTEIN helps keep you energized and is important in supporting many of your body functions.  Protein is a part of all your body’s tissues, even muscles, bones and organs. Proteins can also serve as an energy source and work with the immune system to protect you from disease.
    • One 3oz. serving of beef provides 50% of the protein recommended daily.
  • B-VITAMINS help you to unleash energy in the food that you consume. Calorie for calorie beef is one of the best sources of many essential B-vitamins.
    • A 3oz. serving of beef contains as much B12 as 7 (3oz.) skinless chicken breasts!

When part of a balanced and healthy diet, beef can help to maintain a healthy weight, build muscle and fuel energy for physical activity. 002

(Pictured above is Lauren Geiger and Karl Dawn Hobbs visiting with a consumer. Karl Dawn is a junior at KSU majoring in Ag. Education. She is from Beloit, KS where her and her Dad raise Shorthorn cattle.)

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Rhonda said...

thanks for updating me on your day...sounds like so much fun! can you bring some of the marinade home or can we buy it out in sw kansas?