Wednesday, September 14, 2011

National Champion...Cows? That's Right!

The American Jersey Association ranked Mississippi State University number 7 in milk production for the year of 2010. MSU was the only university to be in the top rankings and they have placed in the Top 10 for the past four years. 
When it comes to the dairy, there is no fooling around! The university's herd also consists of about 107 Holstein cows and together they produce more than 3 million pounds of milk each year. The milk is used to make products such as cheese and ice cream and is sold in the university store where students can also purchase fresh milk. 
The dairy employs student workers and hosts many classes throughout the school year where students can see the dairy in action and get some hands on experience outside of the classroom. Working on a dairy is a full time job and students must work on holidays as well, even on Christmas! Cows are milked in the afternoon and in the wee hours of the morning...around 3 AM! These students have the opportunity to develop a strong work ethic, learn about herd management and health of dairy cattle, as well as connections throughout the dairy industry that will come in handy upon graduation and entering the job force. 
If you follow the link below, you can see a video about the MSU Dairy that was featured on Fox News! During the 2 minute video, you will have the opportunity to see some of the cows, student workers, the dairy in action, as well as meet the dairy herdsman, Mr. Kenneth! 

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