Monday, September 12, 2011

The quick and dirty method for curtain making!

On Saturday, one of the girls from my office and I decided we were going to take a shopping trip to Tupelo, MS because we were both feeling a little Hobby Lobby deprived! Every place we went we saw the word "SALE"...that's my kind of shopping!
The most exciting thing I came home with was fabric for curtains that I found 54% off at Hancock Fabrics. I purchased 2 yards of fabric (the kind that comes on the large bolts) for my living room window. I would consider it to be the size of a standard window...

What you need:
Electric scissors (regular scissors will work too!), mine are made by black & decker, and stitch witchery are the essential tools for quick and dirty curtain making! And of course, you need an iron.

1. I cut my two yards of fabric in half (to create two panels)
2. Then I folded under all my sides and secured it using the stitch witchery (to create a hem on all sides)
3. I did this for both panels and purchased curtain rings with clips. This is the easiest way to do this!
4. Attach the rings to the curtain panels and to the curtain rod and Walahh!...quick and dirty curtains!

I decided to spray paint my curtain rod to add a little color! Valspar spray paint from Lowe's is my favorite brand to use.

If you have any questions or need further instructions, e-mail me at!

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