Monday, May 14, 2012

Visiting the cows in NE... (Part 1)

This week I was able to take a much needed trip home to Kansas. It was a busy but fun filled week and time has flown by (it always go by faster than you would like it to)! On Saturday, the boy and I took a day trip to Nebraska to visit some favorite friends and the cows. The heifers are at Heartland Cattle Company in McCook, NE being developed, bred, and pampered (you think I am joking...they are some fat and happy heifers right now!). They are looking good and it was fun to go see them as well as visit my Heartland friends :)
I was being the cow whisperer to this lovely lady...I told her she had better get bred soon (no messing around)! :)

It was a rainy and dreary day but the temperature was nice!

The length of their tongues always amaze me...

They are so spoiled they think they are hungry...they are really just bored!

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