Friday, May 18, 2012

Visiting the cows in Nebraska... (Part 2)

After visiting the heifers and crew and Heartland, we drove a few more miles to the Rippe household! Boy was it fun to see some exciting kiddos awaiting my arrival - Nate was waiting at the end of the driveway on his bike and I raced him to the house. He is pretty fast on a bike and beat me! Nate greeted me with a big hug and then we went inside to find the rest of the family! The kids got me all caught up on the latest happenings with school show and tell, horse shows, calves, and even their pet frogs. They recently invested in some hens at a chicken sale and sent us home with 3 dozen eggs (boy were they yummy for the breakfast the next morning :) ).  After catching up we ventured south towards the cattle pasture to look at the new baby calves and mamas. I always get excited about visiting the new calf's exciting to see how they all turn out and listen to everyones favorites! I took lots of pictures and then we went to town for some pizza before Mike and I headed back home.
It's always great to catch up with friends...especially the ones that are really special and you don't get to see very often. Then it's like the icing on the cake or the cherry on the sundae! 

This is one of my favorites...

When you drive in the gate, the cows come are some calves trailing behind!

Such a stud...

Nate is running and playing!

Ali is picking up wire out of the pasture...

Dinner time!

Nate trying to pet the cow... he got awfully close!

My favorite little heifer :) It's up to Ali and Nate to give her a really neat name!

I wasn't lying when I said I took a lot of pictures... :)

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Janet said...

Such a great post.. you almost made me cry! It was so good seeing you again! Wish it was more often! Great pictures as always. You inspire me to drag the camera everytime we check them :) Miss ya already!!