Friday, February 4, 2011

Rocky Mountain Round-up...

As most of you know, the KSU CCW girls finally made it to Denver Wednesday evening despite all the winter weather and flight cancellations! I have never been so glad to see Denver...when we got off our plane and headed to baggage pick-up,I had to take a picture of this sign!

Since we arrived, we have had a great time! Yesterday morning we had the chance to listen to speaker Carl Rove in the opening session. Carl worked with President George W. Bush and shared with us his viewpoints on the state of the economy, the health care bill, and what he thought it meant to be an American. He also told some great stories of his experiences and by the end of his speech had us all standing in appreciation.

Yesterday afternoon I attended a Tweet-up session at the Certified Angus Beef/Angus Productions Inc./American Angus Association booth. At the Tweet-up,I had the opportunity to meet Miss Crystal Young from Crystal Cattle. Crystal and I follow each other's blogs but had never had the opportunity to meet in person. I was also able to meet many other "Tweeters" and will begin following them on Twitter and their blogs! Twitter is a simple and fast tool to spread the news about BEEF to consumers and share ideas with fellow producers. You can follow me on Twitter @TiltheCowsCome or Lyndi Jury. Also, check out Crystal's blog at She does a fabulous job!

Last night we had a blast at the NCBA Tailgate Party at Invesco Field - home of the Denver Broncos! The event was complete with a live band, half-time show, tasty appetizers, and drinks! Our girls even got out on the dance floor a few times along with many other cattlemen and women. It was a great opportunity for everyone to network and visit with new and old friends in a fun environment!
This morning we attended the CattleFax meeting. At this event we were all updated on weather reports and predictions, the markets, beef exports, cow numbers, etc. I learned what La Nina means this morning,which explains why we have had such a cold winter! This meeting was a great opportunity for us to learn about all the different aspects of the cattle industry.

Tonight we will go out for a group steak dinner with our CCW girls. I think we are all very excited to have a big, juicy steak after all the "cow talk" this week! So, if any of my followers are from the Denver area and know of any great steak places downtown, reply to my post and maybe we can check it out!

Hope everyone is staying warm back home and for those of you at NCBA, safe travels!

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