Saturday, November 26, 2011

Heifer International Project

During the Christmas season it is tradition for some families to give a gift a gift to someone in need whether it be through Angel Tree, Operation Christmas Child, or an organization like Heifer International. When I was younger, I remember mom loading up my brother and I and we would take a trip to the store to fill a shoe box for a little boy or girl in a different country. It was really neat knowing that my shoe box I filled would make a difference. For the recipient of the box, it may be their only Christmas present. We would also enclose a hand written note for the child.  I am sure many of you have similar stories and memories.
Heifer International is a project I stumbled upon a few years ago and I think it's really cool! When you give a monetary gift though heifer international you have the opportunity to supply a family with livestock so they are able to have food. Through this project, countries that were once in poverty are now able to grow their own vegetables, raise their own meat and milk, gather eggs... How cool is that? 

All you do is go to and view the gift catalog. You can purchase a heifer for $500 (share $50), a flock of geese ($20), honeybees ($30), and the list goes on! I particularly love this project because it's a way for the whole family to get involved. With gifts as low as $10, kids can collect coins over the course of a couple weeks, months, or the entire year; or even do chores for money that goes towards this project (hint, hint moms). I would have thought this was really neat when I was a kid because I would have known how much I enjoyed the luxury of having livestock and would have wanted to share it with others. My mom taught us to count by gathering the eggs, it went like this - "Okay Lyndi, we gathered 6 eggs but Beau (brother) dropped 2 eggs on the way to the house. Now how many eggs do we have?" I am being serious. We had a blast! 

If your family decides to give to this project or has in the past, I would love to hear your stories! 

Pictures of a mug that mom found for me. 
She bought it at a West Elm store in California.
The proceeds from the mug to towards Heifer International. 
Pretty cool! :)


blessed463 said...

I recently saw a show about a lady from Africa that got her doctorate because of a Heifer International Project. The really cool thing about it was that she was inspired to give back to her community and teach others. I love it when that happens, don't you? :)

Lyndi said...

That is awesome! Do you know where you saw that at? I would love to see/read about it.