Tuesday, January 31, 2012


For all you "twitter-ers" (or is it tweeters?) out there, you have probably seen the hash tag #NCBA12 or #CIC12 floating around. That is where I will be this week! NCBA stands for National Cattleman's Beef Association and CIC is Cattle Industry Convention. It rotates to various locations every year and this year it's in Nashville, TN...the perfect place for a convention in my mind! People travel from all over the U.S. to come to this conference. This morning I met a gentleman from New Mexico and my roommate is from Florida. The Kansas State University Collegiate CattleWomen will be bringing a group of about 30 girls along with many other universities that will follow suite.
So what am I doing here? For the past two years, I have attended the convention as an attendee. This year, I have the opportunity to see how the entire convention is orchestrated as an NCBA intern! I am here with 15 other interns and we are all either undergrad or graduate students at different universities across the country, literally! We stretch from Florida to Washington.  We all have at least one thing in common, our passion for the beef industry. Yesterday while meeting the interns, I was amazed at how many things I had in common with each of them - we either knew the same people, had similar backgrounds, majors, etc! I am so excited about the many people I will meet and connections that will be made this week!
If you are in Nashville at the convention, you can find me in a black shirt (along with the other thousand people that will have black shirts on!). There are expected to be around 7,000 cattleman in attendance, just a few!
Since Nashville is only 5 hours away, I was able to drive. Tennessee is a beautiful state!

The view from our hotel room window...gorgeous!  This is actually all inside a building but the roof is glass so if feels like you are walking outside. The hotel is huge.

The hotel is so big it has it's very own Vera Bradley store :)

One of the fountains in the hotel at night.

Last night we had rib eye steak for dinner at a little restaurant across the way, the waiters/waitresses were very talented and performed throughout the night. Really cool atmosphere and great food!

Pecan pie...incredible.

The calm before the storm this morning. By noon today this place will probably be packed and crazy! 


Unknown said...

So glad you are there! I'll be anxiously awaiting updates on your blog. Have the best time ever...so exciting to see what unfolds before you this week!

Tiffany Nicole said...

I'm headed that way this afternoon all the way from AZ. It looks wonderful! Thanks for the preview of the gorgeous setting.

blessed463 said...

AWESOME opportunity Lyndi!! I'm so happy for you!!

Janet said...

Wow... for a minute when I saw that Vera Bradley picture I thought you were going to say that was all your luggage for the week! lol

Hope you are having an AWESOME time!! Wish I was there to visit you in person!

MadelineL.Moore said...

Thank you for the Kansas Agri-Women picture!

MadelineL.Moore said...

Thank you for your picture of the Kansas Agri-Women sign. I am using it today in my blog!