Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello from Nebraska!

Sorry for the lack of posting but things have been very busy! I just moved to Nebraska on Sunday to start an internship at a cattle operation. My new apartment is nice but is lacking internet so I had to look up the local library in the phone book. I am not going to lie, it took me awhile! I have gotten used to pulling up Google and typing in a search...sad huh?
In the last two days we have been ultrasounding cattle.  The data that is obtained from real-time untrasound helps cattle producers get information such as fat depth, cutability (the % of lean meat yield) and ribeye area, which help determine the calf's genetic potential. This is very useful information to producers that might be producing offspring that will eventually end up in our food system. It is just one tool that producers use to ensure they do everything they can through genetics and breeding to make sure a high quality product ends up on your plate!
Keep checking in for more updates...I will try to post more regularly once I get the internet situation solved! (or I start making more frequent trips to the library!)
Fat depth.
Here is an ultrasonic picture that would be used to determine rib eye area and fat depth. 
Other Ultrasound Measurements
Here is what a rib eye steak, like you see in the super market, looks like. Can you see the similarities between it and the picture above?

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