Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Joey Pepmiller

Well we finally made it home safe and sound from Pensacola. I had my doubts a few times while trying to get through the Atlanta airport, but we made it!

The wedding was GORGEOUS! I might be slightly bias but I think you will agree when looking at the pictures. It was a very small, intimate wedding that took place on the beach. There were even a few dolphins that swam by playing in the water in the middle of it! I don’t have very many pictures of the actual ceremony since I was in the wedding but I do have pictures of the bridesmaids getting ready and the reception.

I am so glad that I was able to go spend the week in FL and have the opportunity to help my sister get ready for her special day! We made many memories, had lots of laughs, and only a few tears fell! (I tried my best to hold them in until after the ceremony!)

lex cookinThe bride-to-be was up bright and early making green bean bundles!girls at reception

Some of Lexi’s friends from OKC that were able to make the drive! These girls were a lot of fun…



IMG_2974Ashley and Emily doing Lexi’s hair for the wedding! Lexi’s mom found her that plaque and gave it to her at the rehearsal dinner the night before! IMG_2977 IMG_3020

Joey surprised Lexi with a CD (it had a song that was significant to them on it) and a sweet note the morning of the wedding.IMG_3092IMG_3100IMG_2984The groom and groomsman getting all the chairs set up the morning of the wedding.     IMG_2996IMG_3031  The view off the girls’ balcony the morning of the wedding! It was a beautiful day!IMG_3055   IMG_3049IMG_3140 IMG_3149 IMG_3156 IMG_3161 IMG_3198

Marriage certificate is signed and ready to be mailed! IMG_3211


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! I am seriously saying you should help me do my flowers for my wedding! WHAT WAS I THINKING WHEN I AGREED TO DOING MY OWN FLOWERS!? Did you get any pics of the dolphins? I would love to see those.

Lyndi said...

Haha...we got all the flowers at Sam's. I bet it you placed a order they would get you them at a discounted price! When is your wedding?? lol

crystal.cattle said...

Goregous photo! I love all the little details.